Here is a complete guide on how to exploit weak players

For those who are winning in poker, rarely do they give a thought about where the pot comes from. It is commonly assumed to come from weaker players, which is somewhat true, but the bigger question is how do you recognize and exploit weak players. Keep in mind that in poker, you are continuously looking for ways to maximize your winnings and lessen losses that's why it is very important that these things are taken seriously.

First, here is a definition of a weak player. A weak player is a player who's mainly passive and is seldom aggressive. You could easily identify them since they are the ones who usually limp/call preflop and mainly don't bet much or raise. Their characteristics are a mix of having a wide range all the time and not folding effortlessly. In general, these gamers call down quite lightly and will not go away quickly with whatever board piece. The easiest means to exploit weak players is by making the fold button your biggest friend once they begin getting strong lines. Remember the instances when at the river you were min-raised by these kinds of players? Although it is an increase to a small amount, it's still a raise. You have to fold except when you are near the nuts or have it. Keep in mind that these people check/call down through most of their range. If they raise, it's a divided range. Because they seldom raise, it could be assumed that their range is mainly the topmost of their range value and you could assertively fold strong hands like the top pair top kicker.

On the other hand, these players call too often using weak hands. When a player calls down with a middle or top pair if the board runs out four straight or three flush, you can exploit weak players throughout the day. This means the range for your preflop stealing must be tighter. Your range for continuation betting must never have pure bluffs. On the river, weaker players are categorizes into two: (1) those who fold a big part of their hands since their range is quite weak and wide and (2) those players which call down very lightly through their weak range. If you are playing against thousands of players, you can look into their Went-To-Showdown (WTSD) statistics and check the kind of player that they are.

Ultimately, all players at the small stakes level have weak tendencies. In the first place, this is why they are there. Looking for these weak possibilities in players is crucial. Constantly think of ways to exploit weal players. Try some moves and if you see your opponents adjusting or your moves aren't working, you have to adjust, too, and exploit them more. As soon as you consider exploiting other gamers, you are guaranteed to become among the most feared poker players and your winning rate will increase drastically.