Something To Consider First When Assessing Different Poker Hands!

When a player is playing Texas Hold'em, one of the first things that should be going through his mind as he surveys the table and his Poker hands is "What Are The Odds?" This has to rank top of the list. Let's take a moment here to look at some key numbers that should assist and get ones game off the ground.

Premium Hands

The odds of getting premium Poker hands right off the bat such as double aces, A-K suited or picture pairs is a measly 2.1%. If a player is holding out for such a hand, they'll never even make a darn start!

How About A Flush?

If one has a flush draw, i.e. a full flush minus one card, after the flop, the player will make their hand almost 35% of the time. That's one time out of every three.

What If They're Suited?

One shouldn't attempt to play two cards with the only reason being that they are suited. It will only improve their hand by 2.5%.

What For Pairs?

The chance of one of the players hole cards actually making a pair from the flop is almost 1 in 3 at 32.43%. Come the river, the odds of making a pair rise to almost 50%.

How About Three Of A Kind?

If the player already has a pair, the chances of flopping a set sit at only 7.5/1. It's best to make sure he only plays small pairs judiciously, and only if he considers the pot makes it worthwhile.

And What For The Inside Straight?

Seldomly worth drawing to, with the river and turn cards still yet to arrive the player will hit their gutshot or four outs straight, less than 10% of the time.

And For Over-Pairs?

Going head on with two pairs, the largest pair will roughly win four out of five times or 80%. One could have Queens but the opponent could have Kings or Aces even possibly both.

In conclusion when assessing one's Poker hands, it has to be said that knowing the odds of any particular outcome materializing in advance and being able to assess it in such a cool and calculated sensible fashion, can only help.

Numbers don't lie, and if one wants to be in the game long term, it might be well worth taking seriously. The above is just a start, but will go a ways at pointing the player in the right direction, after all who doesn't want to be a winner, Hope this has helped! If it didn't we recommend you head here to discover new ways of winning and strategizing. Go over there and gather new knowledge you need to rank up in the poker world.